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> I thought my injector pump was hooked up to the throttle backwards. I took
> it to the local diesel specialties shop and the guy there told me that they
> are supposed to be hooked up backwards for turbo motors. Is this correct?
> Bentley doesn't mention anything about the N/As being reversed from the
> turbos with respect to where the throttle is attached and which way the pin
> coming out of the top of the injector pump turns? I have two N/As and one
> Turbo. The N/As have the throttle attached on the radiator side of the
> injector pump. The turbo has the throttle attached on the engine head side
> of the injector pump.

  Never heard such a thing.  The Vanagons use a different throttle 
arm but the rest (1.5, 1.6, 1.6TD) are bolt-in interchangeable.

> Does anyone have a Ray Jay turbo setup on their Caddy? The guy at the diesel
> shop told me RAY JAY turbos are obsolete and parts are not available. I
> asked him to disassemble it and give me a price for refurbishment. 

  Yup, they're out of production last time I checked but I still got
one rebuilt a few years ago.  No problem.  They ARE a little more 
spendy but the guy says they're a real good turbo too.

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