[Vwdiesel] more clutch questions and comments on the cable stiffness

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 16 09:00:05 PDT 2009

Hello all, as i prepare to install a 1.6na in my cabrio i notice the clutch disc is splitting,

has some marks on the two of the four springs. the wear thickness looks fine.

I am going to just change it out as i don't know the history. 

My questions: It is a 200mm disc


Does the autohaus brand "fichtel-sachs" hold up well


I would tend to replace everything that comes with a 

   new kit. I don't want to go back in for a bad pressure plate.

   any thoughts on this point. the 40.00 difference is too small

   skimp on.


also, I am not quite sure which motor it is it, it came out of a caddy

   though i don't think it was orig. I will confirm the the engine number

   before submitting my order.


My own thoughts on the hard clutch. I have had one where the

   cable stop at the firewall was defective and the previous owners

   fix squeezed the cable and made it tight.


Happy spring to all, More opportunities to tinker with our hobby's



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