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> Ugh!  They're giving us a watered down POS version of the real Polo.  Why, 
> oh, why do we always get crapped on?

  Because the EPA determines what engines we can have and the 
DOT and insurance companies determine how safe "we demand" a 
car to be.  Good enough is no longer good enough.
  Take the emissions standards for instance.  They've already managed
to remove something like 95%+ of the emissions from what a car 
produced in the early 70's, as well as factories, etc.  That's not 
good enough.  I think it's 70% more of a reduction they want as 
well as massive cuts in CO2.  Motoring public has no say other than 
the sheep mentality agreeing to the government standards.  Trade-offs 
are not allowed and so on.  :-(  A 1.9 diesel that makes 50mpg WILL 
produce less overall emissions including CO2, than a 3.0+L v6 or 
v8 even if its momentary readings are higher since it'll turn lower 
rpm and burn less fuel, equating to overall less volume of exhaust 
produced.  :-P

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