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> It wasn't the engines I was worried about.  They're actually going to  
> lengthen the wheelbase and make the car taller, plus, release a sedan/ 
> wagon.  It's not going to be the cool hatchback that it is in Europe.   
> They say the Polo isn't big enough to sell here.  Whatever.
> As far as engines, we'll get a 5 cyl gas pig with an automatic  
> transmission. :-D

  There again, somebody's decided that Americans only want BIG 
cars.  Sure a lot do but there's a strong desire for sporty cars, 
which usually means smaller and with good styling.  Take nearly 
ANY American car as an example.  The body style maintains for a 
couple years then boom, it's bigger for two years then bigger 
again!  Sure, some of the cars probably have had requests for 
bigger this or that but not most.  Of course the VW line isn't just 
US bodies.  They're making the basic cars bigger evrery few years 
and I doubt there's been a large clamor for making them bigger.  
I will say the Rabbit/Golf and Jetta really did need a few more inches 
of leg room in the back seat from the A1/A2 platforms.
  Dad was telling me the new Passat (or CC) makes low 30's mpg with 
the gas engine.  The last diesel Passats were only making in the 
mid 30's from most I've heard.  That's a far cry from the near 45mpg
I get and 48mpg Dad's getting and his is HOT!  :-D

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