[Vwdiesel] AAZ Head and Crank

Del Vezeau vezco at cogeco.ca
Wed Mar 18 14:01:32 PDT 2009

Well it has sat in my mechanics yard for the last 2.5 yrs but I think it's
time to raise the phoenix from the ashes..

History - 1st castle sank into the swamp so we built another one...that
castle sank into the swamp and we are hesitant on building another one..

The dreaded crank pulley dillema..

So I asks yas..

If get a new head...

Can I get a new TDI crank as well as the matching pulley and take it from
there? Or will I have to actually have the AAZ crank machined to suit the
tdi pulley?

I want to finally implement the kit a bought from greasecar dot com a few
years ago and run this baby on fry oil.

 All help appreciated :)



Del Vezeau
Vezco Productions Inc./
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vezco at cogeco.ca

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