[Vwdiesel] Trying to get the old diesel to start

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Gee, I can't have been paying attention then...  I'm sure the last time I
had one out, it came as a unit, and that was some time ago... hmmm...  Maybe
it was goooed up inside and kept the plunger stuck in, but it still worked
and all....

As to the vane pump, when I have to get a VE pump up and running after a
long hiatus, I'll take it to my buddys over at the Bosch shop, and get them
to spin it on the test bench.  EVERY time I've done this, the case pressure
has started off at zero, and hung there for a long time until the vanes get
loosened up.  That speaks to The ATF working for you Eric- the higher
viscosity would encourage the pump to start to do so I suspect.  BUT, long
term stay away from ATF as an additive, it's a seal sweller, and when it
isn't present, the seal then shrinks and leaks.  Also cokes injectors.
There's more cleaning goodies in a teaspoon of stanadyne than a can of ATF
anyway.  You'd get the same effect out of a 10W low ash diesel motor oil I

My usual revival method is to air hose pressurize the tank, with the capped
return line off the pump. When the pump is full, it's all full, filter and
all. I use a 10lb reg on the air hose even, but with reasonable care, it
isn't necessary.

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Same story here, I've never seen one of these stop solenoids NOT have
the plunger just fall out, and they all seem to just keep working and
working. In fact I've yet to ever have to replace one of them, knock
on wood! :)

I think Loren's right on with the idea of getting diesel back into it
to run on. It might have been good for it to get strong additive to
clean out the internals of the pump, I really don't know, but I
wouldn't expect it to really run well on pure additive. It's not made
for that, but to add to fuel and adjust its properties. If at all
possible towing the car with it in gear will turn it over much faster
than a starter motor and will reduce wear one the starter. It's my
normal procedure when reviving a diesel that's been sitting.


On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 4:06 PM,  <LBaird119 at aol.com> wrote:
>  I pulled the stop solenoid out of the pickup the other week and
> there was no attachment.  It works fine and has for years.  I had
> to pick the plunger out of the hole even.
>  Part of the problem is you filled the pump with fuel additive rather
> than fuel.  The car's not supposed to run on straight additive so
> it's unlikley it'll start and run well until you get that stuff run
> especially if you filled the filter with it as well.
>  Your lift pump probably isn't pumping.  Vanes are likely gummed if
> the pump's been sitting very long.  You very well may be able to
> fill the pump with FUEL and with some cranking get it fired up and
> running.  Aim for half throttle and keep cranking the starter a little
> longer when it does start firing.  Often an extra couple seconds of
> starter power will get you over the hump of almost starting, to
> starting.  :-)
>  Hopefully once you get some speed into things, the vanes will start
> pumping fuel and it'll all self prime and be happy.  If it starts dying,
> shut if off, refill the pump and go again before you empty things out
> and have to crank a prime back into things.  You could also do the
> hose in a can above the pump trick to get a gravity feed going.  Put
> the return line into the can as well and it won't go empty so fast.
>    Loren
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