[Vwdiesel] new '86 Jetta

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Thu Mar 19 01:47:57 PDT 2009

Found a "new"  '86 Jetta diesel for around $150. The asking price was $500 but the seller, a graduate student, just didn't want to bother with it & it is not worth fixing if you are going to pay $100 an hour for some mechanic to fix it. So, I am going to buy it despite the wife's objections. Was told it needs a new timming belt, the replacement of which, I have mastered on other VW diesels. Also told it needs one new glow plug so will probably replace all 4, or is this wasting money? Also the car starts but only runs for one or 2 seconds, then dies. Something strange. I heard an electric fuel pump when the ignition was turned on. None of my diesels have an aftermarket fuel pump to assist in moving fuel to the IP. Was told this is sometimes added to  help a weak IP. Anything else I should know about an '86 non-turbo Jetta as compared to my Quantum, Dasher, & Rabbit diesels? I also noted the gear shift appears loose & can be pulled up & down, not like my other VW diesels.
Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA

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