[Vwdiesel] Trying to get the old diesel to start

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Darn right it works as a seal sweller.  There has to be beaucoup seal
swelling stuff in it.  Used to be able to buy "seal swell" in a bottle at
the Honda bike dealer when I was a kid. They used it on front shocks.
Probably some carcinogenic hydrocarbon known to cause cancer to the state of
California but I've stopped a manual transmission leak with a snort of the
synthetic GM stuff- is that type F maybe?  I suppose as long as it's in
there, the seal stays swelled, and the leak doesn't.  I'll never know how
long it will last, as the trans gets freshened in the race car in a few
weeks anyway, but it lasted 2 seasons.

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> I've never had a seal go that I could attribute to ATF,
> but I used it so infrequently that I'm not sure that really shows
> anything.

  I had to drive 60 miles or so on the pickup and the pump was leaking 
pretty bad (second time) so I dumped a quart of type F into the 1/4 or 
so tank of fuel and it stopped the leaking completely.  For a minute I 
was tempted to not pull the pump and get it resealed/rebuilt.  I 
thought better of that since I had a little slack in my work at the same 

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