[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions? Injection Pump

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When I install my Gauge in the adapter and tighten the set Screws the gauge
binds, I have to turn the Engine backwards and then push on the top of the
Gauge to get the adapter to follow the Plunger.  Turn Engine a small amount
and push the Gauge to follow.


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> From TDC, if I turn the engine contra-clockwise the measuring gage 
> will not  move from  its high point. If I turn the engine much 
> further, the nut on the IP will loosen. However, I can turn the engine 
> clockwise OK. If I turn the engine clockwise around 300 or so degrees, 
> zero the IP gage, &turn towards TDC, the gage will start to move about 
> one gear cog on the IP before I reach TDC &at TDC (flywheel) &IP pump 
> lines up with the front IP gear, &locking peg goes into the bracket 
> timing hole. If I move the engine about 2 &1/2 cogs clockwise  the IP gage
will rise as high as 2.14 mm.
> I wonder if when I loosened the rear bolts to install the new "O" 
> ring, I could have disturbed the timming? Would an I reading of 1.23 
> mm instead of the recommended 1 mm plus or minus .2 be enough for the car
not to run?

  IT might run if all else was perfect, but I doubt it'd run well and you'd 
probably have to tow it.  If the gauge isn't moving when you run the 
engine back, either something's hanging in the distributor since you put 
the o-ring back in or something's binding in your gauge not letting it 
  Just talked Dad half through a top cap re-seal on a CAV pump on 
one of the tractors.  He said the shaft o-rings were the worst ones 
he could ever remember installing!  Really had to stretch them over 
the shaft and then the bottom on had to go past two other grooves 
to get into its own.  Once primed it started, ran and shut off!  :-)  
That's the only stuff that was disturbed so it was a success!

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