[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions? Injection Pump

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> I'd like to get one like that Loren, do you remember where you got it
> offhand?  It was a pain till I figured mine out but a good one would be
> nice.
> Rudy 

  I can look and see if there's a name or such on it.  Got it from 
Altrom YEARS ago, right after I worked at the dealer.  I'll guess 
that they got the tools from Assenmacher back then.  They 
don't handle tools anymore.  Found it!
  Tool number 2006.  The pic has the extension sitting in the adapter 
backward and the dial indicator they show is .5mm/rev.  Mine's a
1.0mm/rev with 5mm of travel, Mitutoyo.

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