[Vwdiesel] AAZ Cylinder Head - New 220.00 US

Del Vezeau vezco at cogeco.ca
Sun Mar 22 12:48:48 PDT 2009

 I called my mechanic today with word that I would need the crank pulled for

I'll definitely explore all local avenues for a new head..

If someone just made a complete AAZ motor based on the benefit of hindsight,
I'd buy that in a second. VW still deserves a good boot in the ass for that
keyway notch fiasco. What a shame something so simple put so many cars out
of commission so early.


> I was thinking the AAZ was a mkII, 1.9L diesel head for a 96' 
> jetta is $450.
> But that's just one cylinder head dealer of the many on the 
> internet, there's probably a local/regional shop, as cheap or cheaper.

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