[Vwdiesel] MB diesel specs??

Patrick Dolan pmdolan at sasktel.net
Wed Mar 25 05:16:02 PDT 2009

Just out of curiosity:  how did you get a Chrysler engine in your Ford Super Duty????   Or did you mean 460??

I you want to tow with a 3.0 DB inline, you are going to be very dissappointed in the power and torque.  The economy will be fantastic, but the juice will be lacking.  If I wanted an occasional towing yank-tank with decent economy, I would look for a 12 valve Cummins - which is a well known install in the Stupid Duty.

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Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 3:14 am
Subject: [Vwdiesel] MB diesel specs??

> Is anyone fluent in the world of MB diesels?  I'm pondering 
> swapping out my 360 big block with a '80 3.0 NA I have sitting 
> around.  It's going into a '74 F250, occasional trailering.  I 
> haven't found any info to swing my decision one way or another. 
> Sorry to jump right in off topic.  I usually amass 200-300 posts 
> before I gorge myself on the info passed around here and don't 
> really sit at a computer much.
> Thanks,
> John  
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