[Vwdiesel] MB diesel specs??

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British-built Perkins are from an era of 2,300 or similar RPM diesels, and this is why they need a complete extra gearbox to even try to drive on the road.  However, having done many, many medium and light duty swaps, I think the guy was pulling your leg by 20+ mpg on fuel consumption.

If one is to use something other than a Cummins, the Japanese engines in the 150 HP range are best choice.  My personal favourite 6BB1 and 6 BD1 Isuzus.  I have done as much as 6D14T Mitsu in Ford 1 tons, but that is a major undertaking and uses an SAE bellhousing and gearbox - cab must be raised to get it under there.  It is also not a cheap conversion, to say the least.  Cummins are so widely available, that is the path of least resistance.

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>  Having grown up with a 220D and a 300D turbo, I'd say you'd be 
> really unhappy with the power.  You might be able to live with a 
> 300D turbo in it but an NA would likely lose at the track against 
> a Rabbit diesel!  (0-60/quarter mile in 22 seconds).
>  I like James' Perkins idea.  Guy near us at the ocean put a 
> Perkins 
> and a second tranny in a pickup and got 50mpg.  Friend of Dad's 
> told 
> him about it and didn't believe it himself until he took a trip 
> with the 
> guy!  One of these trips we're going to look him up. 
>  Agreed, finding a diesel 4x that's properly geared isn't as easy 
> as 
> it should be. Detroit seems to think they need to wind them up 
> similar to a gasser!
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