[Vwdiesel] MB engine swap

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Mar 25 20:34:36 PDT 2009

Summer holidays with the wife and kids are in the duramax with a 9’ truck
box camper almost exclusively on forestry roads of SW Alberta and all of
B.C. far from service, the more remote, the better.  It has NEVER made me
walk, and is dead nuts reliable.  You would get similar from a Cummins, but
unfortunately you have to drive a Dodge to get one.  I’ve driven them,  my
best bud has one, he’s looking for an 04 chev like mine, because he’s driven
both, with and without trailers.  They are loud and rougher riding than a
chev. Last trip for me in a dodge was a rental 07 gasburner ¾ ton from here
to Winnipeg.  Nice idea to offset the steering wheel 2” to the left of seat
center. Not sure why, but it bugs me.  Lots of power, typical gasser fuel
economy, but not my cup of tea to drive all day.


For Loren, the Juice box settings are

1.       Stock

2.       Economy

3.       Tow

4.       Performance

5.       Race

6.       Extreme.

You have the last two right, you just forgot the stock setting.  Can’t keep
the tires hooked up at all on the last two settings, not surprising as on
extreme it’s producing something like 500hp.  Good for testing the shear
strength of torque convertor bolts.  I know of two sets that were sheared
off, that came into a local dealership under warranty in the early duramax
days. I’m told they took the Mickey Thompson drag radials off while it was
on the hook on the way to the garage.



From: raymond greeley [mailto:rgreeley2 at hotmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 8:57 PM
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Subject: RE: [Vwdiesel] MB engine swap


Hello all, i would love more comfort and computer fueling. My travel use
would put me in places miles far from any service and so... i wanted
something very basic that  i could get going without a knack box of
diagnostic tools. a cummins 5.9 with 4wd and manual
trans is what i was thinking. With a bed off-camper back i can have a lot of
room, good power and pretty good mpg. 
I live in chicago and like to sit on the southern texas gulf coast in the
winter. One can park in north padre island national park, 40' from high
tide, for extended periods, free with a 25.00 season pass. 
I don't have a lot of time to build something or I might try one of the 3.9
cummins bread
truck drive trains into a ford pickup. I hear some good things on mpg though
i never
here how they run and what their towing limit might be. Any body here know
of any
strong 4cyls in a van body. While in costa rica last winter i noticed many
of the
small bus/cabs are 4cyl diesel: toyota's, isuzu..virtualy all the makers had
a minivan
diesel. I realize some here like the vanagon though the cummins can get
close 25mpg
with all the power you want and more room in the back. so i can't go that

> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 20:07:56 -0600
> From: jhsg at sasktel.net
> To: brian at gochnauer.net; vwdiesel at vwfans.com
> Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] MB engine swap
> Yeah, a neighbor has two 7.3's. He's worn one truck out around one of
> has some ridiculous number of miles on it, 700K or something. That's can't
> beat a friend's early 12 valve Cummins 6.9 that has 1.4 million on it.
> Yeah, million, other than maintenance, it's untouched. Going into a Ford,
> 2wd gearswap is easy. Gearsets at 2.7:1 should be available to speed the
> rear wheels up to match a slower rotating motor such as the Perkins,
> depending on the setup you already have.... Trans with or w/o overdrive,
> Ultimately, for Raymond, I would say get a 2004 Duramax. The auto box is
> strong, it's is certainly the most comfortable riding truck of the lot,
> with the auto box, anyone can drive it. I am getting up to 27mpg on summer
> fuel driving sane. It has an edge/juice box combo set on "mileage" most of
> the time, which when Dad first installed it, netted 5mpg more. 2005's are
> supposed to have issues. 03's were okay too.
> -james
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> > 
> > I have a '01 Ford F250 Super Duty w/ 7.3L diesel V8 184k miles,
> > absolutely
> > great motor 525 ft.lbs of torque. pulls my 27 ft RV trailer with ease
> > at
> > 75mph @11mpg
> > The the really old 6.9L and the newer 6.4L diesels have some serious
> > issues,
> > but the 7.3L is great, but they only used if for 4-5 yrs.
> > 
> > 
> > On 3/25/09, Patrick Dolan <pmdolan at sasktel.net> wrote:
> > >
> > > Bill: The reason not to use the Ford (IHC) engine is that it is a
> > bit of a
> > > boat anchor. The early 6.9 really doesn't make much power, and none
> > of them
> > > from day one get enough economy to justify removing a gasser.
> > >
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> > > Subject: [Vwdiesel] MB engine swap
> > >
> > > > I don't think I would put a Mercedes car diesel in a Ford F-250. I
> > > > would get a later Ford truck V-8 diesel. I think it would be very
> > > > underpowered & the MB automatic to weak as well. Why not try &
> > > > trade your MB diesel for a Ford truck diesel or put your MB diesel
> > > > into an older American rear drive car? I would like to see such a
> > > > transplant in a postwar Hudson.
> > > > Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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