[Vwdiesel] MB engine swap

Kurt Nolte syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 26 11:36:22 PDT 2009

We've an '01 7.3 in a 250 that has bulled its way through 200k miles 
without significant problems. It's chewed up two starters (the second 
due to improper dealer installation) and had to replace a fuel related 
sensor, but other than that... she started life getting 18-19 mpg no 
matter what she was doing, fully loaded, empty, city, highway... now 
it's  more like 16-17, but we /know/ the nozzles could use replacing and 
the timing could probably be looked at.

Speaking of Cummins, reliability takes a crap when you go from the 12v 
to the 24v designs, alongside durability. The 24 valve 6bt engines have 
just too many sensors and too many fragile electronics to be draft-horse 
reliable anymore, and the valve trains are a bit more complex 
(understatement!) and more prone to rapid wear.


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