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Thu Mar 26 15:36:40 PDT 2009

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db53248 at windstream.net writes:

> I had a coolant reservoir failure last week. It was a 2" split in the top 
> of
> the tank. This happened while I was driving to work. Does the cooling fan
> need to operate while the Caddy is being driven or is there enough air flow
> while the Caddy is moving at highway speed that the fan doesn't add any
> cooling? The only smoking gun I've found was that the fan wire appears loose
> and may not have been making contact.

  Usually when the tank fails it's closer to a head gasket problem 
than a cooing fan problem.
  The fan may or may not run while the car is going down the 
road.  Just depends on temp, load, heater use, etc.  They often 
will kick in while driving in warmer temps though.

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