[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

decker at toledotel.com decker at toledotel.com
Thu May 7 13:26:50 PDT 2009

    As I said earlier I wouldn't mess with it I would just tow it. Any older
VW diesel at my place that doesn't want to start after being down for a
while or worked on get's the tow strap quickly. I started a Dasher that had
been parked because it didn't have much compression. It was given to me for
the body but just for grins we figured to try to drive it home rather than
rope it for 7 miles. We couldn't turn it over with a wrench on big bolt on
the front of the crankshaft. We put a couple of gallons of diesel in the
tank, poured a little diesel in the pump and started towing. After we got on
the road and moving I put it in gear and let the clutch out slowly. The
engine wasn't frozen to hard because it started to turn over. It probably
took a quarter to half a mile before it started to fire. First one cylender
than the next and pretty soon all four were fireing. Then we stoped towing
and I drove it to the shop. After we got it to the shop I turned it off and
tried to start it but It didn't have enough compression to start on it's own
even when warm.
    The problem as I see it with Bills Quantum is that there were so many
things done at once that who knows where the problem might be. The head was
off but I assume that by now we know that the engine is in time or he would
hear the bent valves ticking as he turned it over. The pump was removed so
is the pump in time now? The pump was sent out to an unknown source so
perhaps it isn't even in working condition. If it was mine I would tow it.
If it didn't start I would go back to step one and start over.
Brian Decker

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