[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

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We're getting there :o)
1) DO NOT USE THE LOCKING BAR TO TIGHTEN BOLT... Sorry to shout. Just put 
inch- pounds on nut with this method.
2) Locking pin on pump is sloppy. This allows you to get back on the timing 
belt on the same tooth you started with
3) Accuracy need between cam setting with feeler gauges/ any parallel steel 
rule wedges, and timing mark on fly wheel [assuming this is present!!] I 
always set these 2 items up and put car in gear, with hand brake on assuming 
not an automatic ;o).
Do this accurately and the rest is apple pie.


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> I did look at my dial gage & it is marked in millimeters I checked it 
> against a metric wrench & it seems to read OK. It is marked 0 to 10 MM & 
> the large dial reads in .01 mm increments. Took the valve cover off again, 
> locked the cam, inserted the IP locking pin, but found there was enough 
> slop in the locking pin that I could move the flywheel about an inch 
> contra clockwise, & bring the flywheel TDC mark which had disappeared, 
> back to TDC, after loosening the cam nut. There also appears a slight 
> amount of slop in the ca lock as the cam gear will move about 1/8 when 
> tightening, if I am not careful. This must be why the Bentley recommends a 
> feeler gage under the cam lock bar, which I haven't done before. Plan to 
> work on the Quantum some more, tomorrow, if wife doesn't hit me with more 
> "honeydos".
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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