[Vwdiesel] pulling pistons for bearings and rings

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Sun May 17 08:59:30 PDT 2009

The old pickup 1.6NA is torn apart on the stand.  It was burning a ton
of oil, smoking and starting to run away.  I was expecting to do a full

(Engine was running when pulled)

The valves in the head are very loose, and the exhaust ones are quite

As for the block, there's just a little carbon at the ridge - I can
catch my fingernail on it - but not much else.  I can still see hatching
in the cylinder.

The block has an official VW reman sticker on it, makes me wonder what
size bearings and pistons I've got.

I pulled #3 main, and the green plastigauge says it's within specs for
NEW bearings.  I pulled the #1 rod bearing and the green plastigauge
says it too is within specs for NEW bearings!

I suppose I should pull all the caps and plastigauge them, but...

At least I'd like to throw on new rings while I've got it apart.

According to the book I've got to pull the crank to get the pistons out.
(and according to my mechanic buddy, I should pull it before honing the
cylinder wall anyway)

Or is there a way to pull the pistons out the top and run a quick hone
in the cylinder?

This is my first try getting into the engine guts.



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