[Vwdiesel] '01 Golf binding brakes

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Thu May 21 18:31:04 PDT 2009

>> The other is just a little metal 'cube' which helps you turn the  
>> piston but
>> does nothing to compress the sucker.
>> I tried it with the cube (which is what Autozone gave me) and failed
>> miserably. I guess I wasn't clever enough, or didn't have the correct
>> variety of c-clamp. Of course if I knew how the stupid thing actually
>> worked that would have helped. Brian makes it sound easy.
> I've got the 'cube' too.  You put it on the end of a ratchet and  
> that way you can push and turn it into the piston face at the same  
> time.
> Jon

well, the clamp-and-pliers worked just fine for me
got this fixed many days ago
I disassembled again, found a piece of metal backing plate caught  
between the rotor an the tin dust shroud (so THAT'S what that sound was)
disassembled the caliper sliding piston things, and even though they  
looked well-lubed, threw on some of the stuff that came with the pads
voila` - back together, brakes good as new, no more mush, didn't have  
to bleed
sticking caliper, I guess
or maybe when I recompressed the piston, doing it a little more gently  
and not so far in there?
anyway, I can stop again
thanks all!

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