[Vwdiesel] '02 Golf starts/dies

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Wed May 27 19:23:03 PDT 2009

I bet you can easily put the pump in the tank, I'd be surprised if one from a gasser didn't drop right in.  (Assuming the gassers had lift pumps.)  The 4wd may well also drop in.

Making it run might be a bit of a challenge, since the wiring may not exist.  Or, VW may have used the same harness with the sending unit's wiring, which would mean you'd only need to install a relay or something like that.

But my Cabriolet I converted had a lift pump, and I left it intact.  It was very nice to have it when I changed a filter or otherwise opened the fuel system to prime everything.  Also I think a bit of pressure prevented bubbles in the line.  

I have no idea if any of that was helpful at all... :0

Dave Cook
--- On Wed, 5/27/09, Tad <tadc at europa.com> wrote:
> I wonder how hard it would be to lay hands on one of those,
> and whether it
> would be interchangeable?  The reason I was so sure
> that I didn't have one
> is that I really wish I did!  Having no electric lift
> pump is a real PITA
> sometimes!


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