[Vwdiesel] '01 Golf TDi binding rear brake

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Also one of the most common things is the bushings that the caliper floats
on are binding.  The caliper itself has to be free to move perpendicular to
the face of the rotor on the bushings that the caliper is held in place by,
so when the caliper squeezes from a piston on only one side, it equalizes
the pressure on both sides of the rotor.  If the bushings are not free, one
side wears more, and gets hot when driving.  Was one pad thicker than the
other when you replaced them Rolf?  If so, it's binding.  On most of them,
you can clean them, shiny them up, and use a specific caliper grease to
prevent them from corroding and seizing again.  

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> There are two things that commonly cause a sticking rear brake. One is
> the
> ebrake mechanism sticking, and the other is the pressure being held
> hydraulically.
> The first is usually either the mechanism in the caliper, or the cables
> themselves. I've done both on MK4's, so it's hard to guess which is
> more
> common. Check by pulling the tires and check if the lever on the
> caliper
> fully retracts against the stop. You will see what I mean when you get
> in
> there.
> If it's not that, you can usually find the culprit for the hydraulics
> holding pressure. Push the brakes good and hard, then release them.
> Open the
> bleeders and see if there is still pressure held, IOW fluid squirts
> out. If
> not, it's a caliper problem. If fluid does come out pretty hard, either
> a
> line or the master cylinder is not releasing. You can further determine
> this
> by breaking the line loose where the rubber line meets the hard line
> that
> comes from the front of the car. Do this in the same manner, push the
> brakes, release, and see if fluid comes out.
> HTH,
> Tony
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> > hey all
> > update to a previous problem
> > I had a binding rear driver's side brake that ended up wearing thru
> > the pad and metal on  metal scoring the disc
> > replaced pads couple weeks ago and everything seemed fine
> > but I now realize that brakes are still binding somewhat - wheel gets
> > hot on long rides
> > Q: what would cause caliper NOT to retract when brake pedal is
> > released? what's supposed to separat pads?
> > thanks
> > - Rolf in MA
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