[Vwdiesel] Smoky, Bubbly Engine?

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The bubbles are mostly likely a blown head gasket or possibly a cracked 

head but that's not terribly common.

?Odds are the smoke smell and wanting to run is worn rings or valve?guides 

or seals.? It IS possible that it has just sat a long time with some reallly 

bad, old oil is causing excessive burning, a stuck ring or two and so on. 

Blowby is generally a little excessive looking, especially compared to a 

gasser and does lessen quite a bit as you rev the engine.? The fact that 

the blowby is lessening as you rev it, makes me wonder if your dipstick 

is blowing out or just vibrating out?

? The low hole could be a bad ring or valve but is more likely a stuck ring. 

A good oil change and warming it up really well just might help most of 

your problems.? Not the bubbles though.

??? Loren

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I picked up a 1990 Jetta 1.6NA diesel for $400 last spring, and finally  got around to checking it out today (too much time spent reviving the  1982 1.6NA Westfalia.)    The engine has a junkyard marks, and a vanagon intake manifold.    Really smoky exhaust, smells like oil.  Obvious bubbles coming out of  the coolant expansion tank.    Engine sounds like it wants to run away.    Plenty of blowby from the valve cover, blows less when it revs (why is  this??)    Blowby is pushing up the dipstick and inch or so when engine revs.    Pulled the injectors, #1 and #2 were sopping wet with black crankcase  oil (not diesel).  #3 and #4 look good.  All glow plugs work, it drives  and starts well (in the teens today).    Compression was 405, 350, 390, 285, starting with #1 (the oily one by  the timing belt).    I don't really want to pull the head now, since it's gotten cold and I  don't have a garage.  I'm just trying to get a "best guess" as to what's  going on.    Could is be "just" a head gasket?  That I could deal with.  Or, more  likely a full rebuild (probably salvage the head and tranny, but bail on  the block.    Thanks for your ideas.    Will in Alaska.    _______________________________________________  Vwdiesel mailing list  Vwdiesel at vwfans.com  http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/vwdiesel  

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