[Vwdiesel] oversize alternator?

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Fri Nov 20 11:17:31 PST 2009

At 11:27 AM 11/20/2009 -0500, Joe wrote:
 What would it take to turn my 82 Diesel Rabbit 2-door into a mobile backup
power generator yet still being able to be driven daily when
not needed as a power source?  

A small amount of power with no mods to the car could be achieved using an
inverter powered directly from the battery / alternator.

On an 82,  the alternator is probably the bosch "65 amp" unit, so you might
be able to produce about 500 watts continuous on a good day

Your would need a good fresh belt to drive it, heavy cables good for the 60
amps or so, an 800 or so watt inverter, short #2 cables between it and the
battery. ( a fridge draws twice as much power on start-up, as when running.
the battery can buffer that if the inverter is big enough to take the surge.)

You would also have to provide continuous air flow to the rad, probably best
done by a 115 volt domestic 14" fan running off the inverter, directed into
the radiator at close range.

I don't trust the mickey mouse rad fan and its failure prone thermo switch,
and it draws/wastes too much juice running anyway.

This kind of a setup would power a modest fridge (not a mostrous ice-maker,
giant freezer, 3 door type).  Check the nameplate on the back for its
current draw. anything over 4 amps is getting out of hand for this kind of
haywire solution.

It will power a bunch of Compact Fluorescent Lamps, a TV and, briefly, a
coffee maker.. (You'll have to ice the beer) until the power comes back on.

A friend of mine has coupled a 1.6D engine to a 4 pole alternator running at
1800 rpm, which will turn out  a comfortable 5kW continuously. the perfect
package to outwait the hurricane.

If you have to occasionaly power essentials, like sump pumps, freezers, etc.
get a proper gas generator. they are so cheap now. 
I have 3, different sizes for different needs.

One of those big Listeroids (Google Listeroid) with a 4 pole oriental
generator would make a plant that would run 24/7 on used french fry fat, for
about $1200, and a lot of labor and tinkering to set it up.

Where there's a will there's a way (and a group of greedy relatives?)


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