[Vwdiesel] oversize alternator?

travis gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 20 12:23:19 PST 2009

You could rig up a dyno style alternator/generator setup. Have a way to strap the car to a stand with the drive wheels on a drum that can spin the generator. Need a safty thing to prevent the car from taking of if the straps or hold downs broke. Also would need rig a separate supply to run your radiator fan all the time. That way you are using your flywheel and drive train to run this instead of a little serp belt. Not to mention the torque on the crank gear. I don't know if the gear spines on the crank are meant for that torque. If you used the wheels to drive it you could power a lot of appliances. Hardest part would be making the stand and finding the generator. But at least you wouldn't need an engine that just sits. You could find a PTO powered generator like a farm uses. We have one that can run our place if needed. Just trying to think of some out side the box things here. That way you wouldn't have this huge alternator in your engine bay that you only need a few times a year max I would think. Rogers idea is kind of cool though. Make camping easy. 
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