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Joe joe at haasenpfeffer.com
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While I don't have direct experience with this company, the previous owner
of my 82 Rabbit 2 door swore by them... Even gave me a few old invoices
(including the one for the injector pump from May 2007) as well as a
catalog.  I bought my Rabbit in July, drove it from Wisconsin to
Pennsylvania without incident and have had no trouble so far with any
components he purchased from them.  Well, except for the sticking throttle I
posted about a while back which was my own fault for over-Gunking the
engine.  WD-40 fixed that.  And I get 40mpg at 70mph.  (when I can actually
go that fast)

I will add, the previous owner also was a mechanical engineer and had
installed the injector pump himself... And included all the specialized
tools for that task in the sale of the Rabbit.


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I need a Bosch injection pump for a 1.6 turbodiesel.  The best price I've
found is at www.partsplaceinc.com.  Does anyone have a better place or has
anyone a good or bad experience with this website?
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