[Vwdiesel] injector problems

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> What wears out in injectors?  1984 Rabbit 1600 NA
> What is involved in rebuilding injectors?  Is it something that I can do 
> myself?

  Fuel going through them.  Water or crud accelerates it tremendously.

  Rebuilding requires splitting the two halves, putting in a new nozzle 
assy and reassembling.  Of course in between that you need to 
inspect for damage to any parts of the housing, clean all parts and 
resurface 3 mating faces of the body and components.  Not bad if 
you have a tester and time on your hands.  Otherwise it's like Erik 
stated, not worth the hassle.  At wholesale prices, I've seen rebuilt 
injectors for about the same money as just the nozzles.  Generally 
after refacing, assembling and new nozzles, the break pressure 
falls within specs.  The pattern doesn't necessarily so there comes 
the use of a tester.  Sometimes just a good spraying out will clear 
them.  Other times it's disassemble, rinse and reassemble again.  
Generally when the mating surfaces are cleaned up, they don't leak, 
but not always.

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