[Vwdiesel] Off the wall Veggie Oil Question

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 22 22:05:31 PST 2009

As most of you know, the US holiday of Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days.  I'm asking you all this because I know I've seen discussions on veggie oil going rancid in the past, and as others have said, this seems to be quite a knowledgeable group on a vast array of topics.

Last year, we fried a turkey and it was amazingly delicious.  I asked Mom if we could do it again this year, and she said no way, because the oil was so expensive.  I told her if she would get the turkey, I would take care of the oil.

Now, I saved the oil from last year, thinking I'd fry up some chicken wings or something.  Never got around to that, so the oil is still around.

In saving it, it was allowed to settle and cool, and then poured back into the original container.  (A big plastic container surrounded by cardboard.)  The box was stored in my garage, protected from sunlight and such though it may have gotten fairly warm this summer.

I just sniffed it, it smells just like vegetable oil.  Not at all offensive odor-wise.  I was thinking of using some to fry up some hash browns in the morning to taste it.

So, the main question(s) is(are), assuming the taste-test goes ok, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being craziest), how crazy is the idea of re-using the oil from last year?  

If it is pretty crazy, how about at least using the half-container that wasn't used or contaminated by old oil to not have to buy as much?

Or, another thought:  I get veggie oil from a local Chipotle restaurant.  The only thing they fry is tortillas for chips, so no meat products and nothing to really change flavor of the oil.  They use it for a couple weeks and change it out, and the used oil always looks nice and clear and smells good.  How about getting a fresh batch from them in the next couple days and using it?  How does that rate on the crazy scale?

I know that I shouldn't be such a cheap-skate, but I also know that many of us are here because we like to be, well, penny-pinchers.


Dave Cook


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