[Vwdiesel] Off the wall Veggie Oil Question

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Mon Nov 23 08:19:37 PST 2009

I have stored a lot of veggie oil for extended times, and the only time it
went "bad" was if it was left unsealed, and/or , got water in it.

When it comes out of the fryer, it is sterile, due to the heat, so there
should be no bacteria in the oil itself. If the receiving container is
clean, and sealed when filled (smaller the air space, the better), it will
keep a long time. Also, there are aminimal amount of preservatives in all
veggie oils to extend their shelf life....check the label.

If water gets in to it, the same bugs that dine at the water/oil interface
in diesel storage tanks go to work, and a lot faster in used veggie.
The result is stinking crud (bacteria poop).

I store mine in a garden shed (must be kept out of the rain) in original
gasket lid pails, or cubies, and have yet to find one rancid.

6 months of our year is fairly cool, and winter is COLD so it is sort of
refrigerated during that time.

The only oil I had that went "bad" was in a gasketed lid pail that was under
a shelter, but snow blew on to it, melted, and ran through a knife slash in
the lid that the donner had made to let air in to speed pouring. It reeked
after a couple of months.

Keep the containers clean, full, and tightly sealed, and out of the rain,
and it will store fore a couple of years.


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