[Vwdiesel] (no subject)

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Wed Nov 25 11:04:37 PST 2009

Whats a good parts cleaning fluid for a "wash tank"?

I want to clean up some CV joints to have a spare set of axelz for "instant
replacement" if needed.

The CV grease is mean stuff to wash off.

I suspect there are different fluids with different effectiveness. I have
used gasoline ((:*O  
kerosene, varsol, diesel, and for carbs, Methyl hydrate. 

What is the fragrant stuff used by many shops?

I have a small cleaning box with a little pump and nozzle to squirt stuff
with, suitable for bearings and small parts.

Just don't want to re-invent wheels, or blow myself up.

If I was going to wash down the exterior of an 020 tranny, whats best, and
what kind of drip catcher or pan (plastic tote or kitty litter tray) would
be suitable?


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