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lbaird119 at aol.com lbaird119 at aol.com
Wed Nov 25 14:11:06 PST 2009

What is the fragrant stuff used by many shops??
? You talking about the "cold tank" stuff?? I think 
that's basically a big can of "carb dip" (the old, 
nearly banned stuff).
?We have a solvent tank in the shop and I've cleaned 
a couple CV's in it.?? It's just basic cleaning 
solvent, not sure what specifically.? Two tips to 
cleaning them.? First one is to kill a couple paper 
towels on them.? Wipe them pretty clean so you don't 
have to fight the grease and so you don't pollute your 
tank.? Secondly, at VW we had a hot water hose that 
was used to pre-wash any greasy or cruddy stuff so as 
to prolong the life of the solvent.
???? Loren

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