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The carb dip stuff is called tyme or some variation of that spelling.  It
has a stinky water based top layer to lock the nasty stuff in the bottom,
and under that, a mix of all sorts of good stuff like a few organic acids,
toluene, methylene chloride, acetone, and a host of other organic solvents
guaranteed to cause anyone from the state of California to drop dead
immediately.  Parts immersed in it come out shiny and clean. Frighteningly
so.  It came in metal 2-1/2 gal pails that it would eat through in a few

There are quite a few different water based d-limonene cleaners these days.
Local shop was trying one out- it was a combination dishwasher type with a
connected parts washer tank.  Had a neat skimmer wheel in the reservoir that
recovered the floating oil, and was essentially strong strong hot washwater
that smelled like oranges. Pretty cool, but it lost out against a varsol
tank in the end.  Mechanics didn't like how harsh the limonene was on the
hands.  I mentioned that they could wear gloves to wash the dishes... but
back into the varsol tank they went.

I have a varsol tank in my shop with pump and brush etc... Two actually, one
for dirty, one for clean.  Clean one gets the clean solvent and only sees
motor parts.  Used stuff goes to the second tank until it's like mud.

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> What is the fragrant stuff used by many shops??
> ? You talking about the "cold tank" stuff?? I think
> that's basically a big can of "carb dip" (the old,
> nearly banned stuff).
> ?We have a solvent tank in the shop and I've cleaned
> a couple CV's in it.?? It's just basic cleaning
> solvent, not sure what specifically.? Two tips to
> cleaning them.? First one is to kill a couple paper
> towels on them.? Wipe them pretty clean so you don't
> have to fight the grease and so you don't pollute your
> tank.? Secondly, at VW we had a hot water hose that
> was used to pre-wash any greasy or cruddy stuff so as
> to prolong the life of the solvent.
> ???? Loren
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