[Vwdiesel] Side bars to 1st posting

doonboggle doonboggle at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 28 20:08:21 PST 2009

Whoa!!  What a discussion my little 'off the cuff' comment about drafting brought about.  Gotta think of another one.  

Just to let you fellows know, I don't feel I was ever in danger because the little rabbit was about 3/5 the size of the bus, and he could not see me I was being drug along so easily; and had the left foot up and barely resting on the brake edge ... ready if I had seen a taillight come on.  

Not enough to totally get off the fuel, but enough to say it was about 1/4 pedal to being out in the open.  Also know the section of road we were on like the back of my hand ... straight as an arrow ... no on or off ramps ... heavily fenced on both sides ... and traffic extremely light ... as are most roads in the mid section of the Nevada desert.  Was only behind him for about 3-4 miles, and eventually my inner self said to back off, which I did.  My comment was only made in connection to present the good mpg's I got with the little rabbit.  For a first time posting, sure opened a can of worms.... that makes for some good reading I must admit.  

I had taken all this coefficient of friction training in the skid pan training and the driving course at the academy, and also in high school back in the mid 50's, when they set up a fellow with a pistol and blank who shot it off as the 56 chevy was driven by ... window open so driver ed. student could hear the shot ... and pound on the brakes to see how far one would skid at 35 mph.  Had forgotten about that course until just now.

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