[Vwdiesel] Driving the Quantum: THE PLEASURE-CRUISE....

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Mon Oct 5 02:35:17 PDT 2009

Mornin' Bill

The  heater issue is probably nothing more than  a slightly kinked stiff 
wire. With a/cc setup does the control still directly link up to the 
shut-offf valve on the heater hose behind the engine head? If so then 
limited travel isdown to lube, or clip on the cable outer on that valve not 
set up correctly.
Remember to take some snaps on the above trip ;o)


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> Finally got the IP replaced. I took the cold start assembly from the 
> original IP, as it wasn't leaking from the cold start assembly, replaced 
> the larger "O" ring but did not remove the shaft as the "C" clip holding 
> the cold start shaft broke on the one I took off the rebuilt.  The Quantum 
> didn't want to start after I re-installed the IP. However, I had someone 
> help me push it down a small hill & vola, it started & runs well. Spent 
> most of the afternoon removing the radiator from my 1941 Ford for repair & 
> probable re-coring, which was much harder than removing a VW diesel 
> radiator.
> I hope I have my Quantum's starting/running problems solved. Now it will 
> be time to sort it's heating & air-conditioning issues. Although the fan 
> works, the temperature control will only go half way towards the hot side.
> Got an add running in Hemmings for my "54 Hudson Hornet so it & the '41 
> Ford will have to get priority now.
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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