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Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
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OK, I will pull injectors today and have them all bench tested for $5 each.
I will pull the pan as well to look and see.  I agree, I had oil pressure at all times, so I will go the easier route here.
I need to drop the fuel tank to replace the front section of cooling pipe, so while the injectors are getting tested I can do this.  I will drain the tank and put this in one of my other cars and will put a fresh 5 gallons of fuel back in tank.

thanks, I will let you know when I get the oil pan off (again) this weekend.

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> Injectors were new with the engine, these sounds seem like they are 
> coming from deep down in the motor and with the oil pressure drop I was seeing, 
> that tells me main bearings have spun.

  Frankly I've never seen a spun main, a few spun rod bearings though, 
only a couple on the VW diesel and one was just rough, not spun.
  Bad injectors sound like a gas engine rod knock.  Not that you couldn't 
have a bad bearing but it takes pretty much NO oil pressure rather than 
LOW oil pressure to damage a rod bearing on these engines and the 
mains are tougher to damage yet!
  My dasher oil light came on and registered basically no oil pressure 
at idle, when warm, with the turbo (and my added piston cooling.)
Ran it for thousands of miles that way and never a problem.  No pressure 
doesn't mean no oil, it just means no pressure, there's still flow and I 
knew oil was pumping, still flowing, still had SOME pressure so I ran it 
and never a problem.
  If you can make it knock without driving it then I'd crack injector lines 

one at a time and see if it stops it.  Even so you could do the same 
for a very short run while driving and not make much mess.  You could 
at least identify which cylinder/injector it is.  Maybe your pressure 
relief has something stuck in it and that's dropping the pressure?  
There ARE some less than catastrophic scenarios that would explain 
the problems, hopefully one of them is right instead. : -)
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