[Vwdiesel] Gauges & spun bearings

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Tue Oct 6 09:28:58 PDT 2009

Come to think of it I have only seen one spun bearing. The rod was hanging out the side of the block and you could see right through to the person on the other side (D11R CD). I would think once you spun the bearing there would be a large failure real soon to where you don't have the bearings attached to the crank anymore. 
I like the oil temp gauge for the reason I like to get the oil warm enough to get condensation out of the oil if possible. Neighbors SUV's oil was milky and white from never warming up. She though it was best to drive the shortest routes and therefor it never warmed the SUV up. Husband was going to replace $300 of gaskets thinking it was that and I asked how she drove. Problem solved. I drive extra trips in town just to get the gauges to read. Either way I see a better view of having an oil temp gauges then another coolant for what Loren said.
Agree with synthetics as well. The oil doesn't break down as quit and it can handle heat better then conventional oil. Just make sure to not break and engine in with it. I use synthetics in all my vehicles (helps to get at cost from my brother).
Travis G
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