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Mon Oct 12 14:21:09 PDT 2009

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vwzoo at yahoo.com writes:

>    I went out and got some lubro moly diesel purge I was going to run 
> through it, but now I can't get it to start. I pulled all of the lines going 
> to the injectors and fuel is coming out of them as the engine cranks. I 
> pulled out one of the injectors and it didn't look carboned up or anything, but 
> I went ahead and replace the injector with a spare one that had been 
> tested as being good. The engine doesn't even appear to fire. I adjusted the 
> timing to .88 thinking maybe, just maybe it really wasn't a yellow dot pump 
> and that may make a difference.

  First, post the last 3 digits and letter of the VW part number 
(068-130-XXX X) so we can tell you what pump you DO have.
Then make sure it is indeed timed right, cold start knob in, check 
the lever on the back to be sure it is indeed all the way to its 
stop.  Make sure you don't have the pump 180 off, etc.  
  Did you dink with the throttle levers on the top of the pump?  
It almost sounds like they're on the shaft wrong and that would 
make it race with no respose.  If you removed the lid then you 
may have had something bind or catch and that's holding it at 
full throttle.  

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