[Vwdiesel] 100,000 miles

brian gochnauer brian at gochnauer.net
Mon Oct 12 18:04:34 PDT 2009

The thing to remember with sealed roller bearings is the easier it spins,
the worse shape it is in. Sealed bearings when new and or in good shape have
quite a bit of drag from the seals and grease.
I did a KIA L4 engine one idler was 2 inch diameter very dragging seemed
the small 1" diameter idler spin very easy 'like a top' , meaning it was
pretty much trash.
The smaller one spins twice as many times than the bigger one.
I had a 'kit' with all idlers and belt.

btw, I thought all V6 engines used chains (oil-bath) not belts until my
mother in-law asked me about a quote she got from a dealer on her Honda
Accord with a 3.0L v-tec V6.  $1,300 to pull the engine and replace the
t-belt. Ouch!


On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 5:58 PM, Erik Lane <eriklane at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, I learned that the hard way as well. I was replacing a timing
> belt in a car we had just gotten and I looked at the tensioner and it
> looked perfect. Rolled nice and smooth - everything you would hope
> for. This was in a VW 1.6 diesel. The belt was something like $6 and
> the pulley was about $16 so I figured why bother throwing more money
> at it if the part was perfectly good. It's a sealed bearing, so I
> figured the risk was low.
> Of course, you can all see where this is headed. Within the next day
> or two the tensioner pulley seized on the freeway and the head got
> eaten. That was an expensive and time consuming lesson. They get
> replaced at the same time every time with me, now.

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