[Vwdiesel] Bug gas heater Free (cleaning out the garage)

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Tue Oct 13 10:24:04 PDT 2009

I have a gas fired cabin heater that actually came out of a squareback wagon
(air cooled flat four) 

Free to a good home.

Otherwise, scrap.

Last used to heat my camper,  a few years ago.

Located in west Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I am not up for exporting it to the USA, but anyone who wants it can have it
FOB the end of my driveway.

I will probably have some A2 parts to give away, rad fans, drive axels,
brackets, clips, engine mounts, etc.  

After 19 years faithful service, I'm scrapping Goldie. (87 TD)

Anything that could be sent by snail mail (parcel post?) I might try to

Be aware Canada post PP  can be expensive, about equal to UPS, and UPS
operates an extortion racket at the US/CAN border, $60-$80 flat rate
brokerage fee either way.

Hence my disinterest in exporting.

If you need a small item, ask here.


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