[Vwdiesel] what coolant temp sensor to use on the back of the head for glow plug wire?

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 22 03:37:29 PDT 2009

Some final things I want to fix. The sensor was not working at all and my glows
were on the full 7 seconds all the time, cold and hot.
I had 3 of them in a box, so I did some testing, not sure which one to use.
Cold, it should give me almost no resistance from body to connector tip and the
hotter it gets the more resistance I would think?

I tested one that said 125 degrees C
But what I found was resistance of about 1,000 ohms cold and down to 300 ohms
when put in boling water, so that is the wrong sensor.

does anyone know if my test was wrong and have a link to the correct sensor.
This 125C sensor does work, but I do not get a very glow plug light, only about 3 seconds.
None when hot, which is correct.  I just think there is a different sensor that would give me a longer glow time when cold.  I can not seem to find it anywhere.  I have spent some time on Vagcat but no luck yet.  Pretty sure 0-125C is a temp sender, not for the glow plug sensor.

no response on the vanagon diesel list on this yet.

thanks, Bryan

 Bryan Belman, Pt. Pleasant, NJ
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