[Vwdiesel] KubVan and alt fuel for sale feeler

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Mon Oct 26 08:00:52 PDT 2009

Hi all, just putting a feeler out as I might need to sell my vehicle:

1985 Grumman Kubvan
These are a reduced version of the Aluminium bread delivery trucks very similar to the USPS LLV mail vans. Only 500 made.
It has all factory installed 84 VW pick up diesel engine, front and rear suspension, steering column, brakes.........
This is all aluminium shell and frame only steel are the rear leaf springs, front struts and engine/tranny internals. This can be a permanant non corroding vehicle. all the parts mechanically are available as VW and physically step van parts from Mill Supply. Maybe a forever vehicle?

I have in the last 100 miles replaced - rebuilt tranny, clutch, pp, tob, clutch cable, L&R axels, all shift linkage, wheel bearings, heater valve total heating system, wiper shafts, timing belt and tensioner. I know there is more but this is off the top of my head.

Included are all the parts to convert this to veggie oil. Tank, heater core for heat exchanger, heater hose, brass fittings, Polk fuel tranfer valve.solinoid, hard line, filter, plans for the hose in hose system and more. 

Also included are a 275 gallon fuel storage tank with tuthill brand pump, hose and nossle. a 55 gallon drum prepped for Biodisel but can be used as a filtering system for veggie oil. Second tank for biodiesel in the vehicle So it can start on regular diesel or Biodiesel and than switch over to veggie oil, I belive the total capacity for the entire system can be 26 gal diesel, 10 gallons of veggie and 12 gallons of biodiesel or diesel. Nearly 50 gallons of fuel, Possibly 2500 miles per tankfull. '

The Kubvan weighs only 1800 pounds.

Lots of spares thrown in as well like injection pumps, bearings, brake parts .........

The only bad is it needs a cold start cable, heater valve cable, bumpers, hood release (internal) outside is operable some wiring clean up and I belive that is it.

I am moving at some point and just clearing out as much as I can, possiblely can throw in a 86 jetta diesel with recent trans if interested.

No parting of anything one big package at $4000.00

What do you all think? Is it marketable at this?

Thanks - Terry

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