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brian hoeft qweblog at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 22:01:42 PST 2010

Hi fellow smokers,

Actually I've been smoking very little and quite enjoying my fresh MF

Got lots of spare parts and looking to fund some projects.

Heres the short list of parts on my laundry room floor looking for a good
home. Help me stop living like a bachelor! C'mon, maybe if I clear out my
laundry room I will finally find that dead sexy broonette with a penchant
for freedom and due procees willing to practice civil disobedience to
preserve our Creator endowed unalienable rights, ooh and she would also
drive a teal V70R ! hah okay enough of that..

cam & crank sprocket
front metal plate(s), and plastic covers
injectors, lifters
2heads(both need work, 1 mech 1 hydro)
valve cover
Intake manifold & BOV
stock downpipe, stupid c-clips
coolant x-over pipe
A/C compmressor, alternator, W-pump, P/S pump
Acessory pullies
A/C bracket
IP bracket
Clutch, PP, FW
Oil Cooler
All various flanges,
More im sure if your imagination hasnt kicked in by now.

Also have a complete ?91 NA longblock, and by complete I mean complete with
all accessories and motor mounts still attached. Would be a direct same day
replacement if not for the bad IP that likewise, is included. I was looking
for more than $200, but if you come get it soon, that's the deal, otherwise
all the great accessories will get plucked.

Also will be selling my current struts, on my '85 Jetta, which are KYB GR-2
up front and Bilstein touring in the rear. They have approximately 15/20k
miles on them in ~2 years, six months of which sat in my side yard with the
blown engine. The only reason i'm selling them is that I got an incredible
deal on a set of Koni yellow's. $100 plus actual shipping for the
KYB/Bilstein set.

Everything else is open to reasonable offers



 [blinders off&earplugs out]

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