[Vwdiesel] Hi, My Names Stephen and I am a procrastinator

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat Dec 18 19:18:16 PST 2010

Man, there aren't enough keys on the keyboard to start on the list....
Good to hear you got your stuff taken care of, and Loren's just hopeless
like me.  
At some point, the pile gets high enough, there's a slide, and you're
looking out from under dust, fly wings and projects that just need fifteen
minutes each... 

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> So, anything you've procrastinated lately with your diesel?

  Let's see...  I haven't touched my daughter's '37 diesel project for 3 
years (or more),
Need a glow plug in the pickup as well as a tie rod end and strut (all were 
less than 50K ago.  :-P )  Passenger door handle on the Passat...  Lots of 
that I'm not driving that needs lots of stuff too.  Yeah, life (and work) 
get in the way 
of hobbies!
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