[Vwdiesel] Hi, My Names Stephen and I am a procrastinator

mikitka mikitka at embarqmail.com
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Well this is good news. All mine are in the cubbies and have been sealed up
inside my shed that is dark inside.  So I might not be at a loss then.  Nice
to know. 


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At 04:22 PM 12/19/2010 -0500, mikitka wrote:
>The only thing I have really procrastinated about is making biodiesel.  I
>have a ton of WVO in the shed but never got around to making Biodiesel. So
>now all that WVO is probably no good since it is so old.

1.  Kept in a shed in northern winter doubles the "shelf life". There is no
deterioration in the frozen months.

2. If there is NO water in it, (it comes out of the fryer dry), and is kept
in dry, closed containers, it will last several years. I don't make chemical
bio, just burn 50/50 mix, and have used good oil stored in a shed in closed
containers, and never had a problem.

3. The nose knows, a sniff test will tell you unmistakeably if it has gone
bad. If you have water in it, it will go bad in a year (over one summer).
Rancid oil stinks! Been ther, done that!

4. Oil I had in the shed for 3 years settled the dirt out so well, it was
almost golden. The dirt was all caked in the bottom, and if poured off
(decanted) carefully, greatly extended filter life.

5. I am told, by one who does it, that the transesterification process
deposits any crap in the glycerine, including water, and leaves clean,
useable oil in the biodiesel, to separate off.

Most, if not all, yours may be good if sealed in cubbies or gasketed pails.
Storing it in a ventilated drum is asking for trouble.

Good luck, don't waste it.


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