[Vwdiesel] Hi, My Names Stephen and I am a procrastinator

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Sun Dec 19 19:28:39 PST 2010

At 08:51 PM 12/19/2010 -0600, brian gochnauer wrote:
>Rancidity is the chemical decomposition of fats, oils and other lipids.
>There are three basic types of rancidity.


Now I am wiser.

I had one pail that had a knife slash in the lid. It was out in the rain for
a short time before I got it under cover. It spent the winter in the shed,
and later that summer, I opened it, and PFEEWW! It was stinky. My
acquaintance, the Biodiesel brewer said "no problem, I can make good biobrew
out of it" and he did.

As usual, my comments are experientially based rather than scientific.

Makes sense that any bugs that naturaly unravel the molecular structure of
the oil make it easier to make bio out of it. I just did not want to run
smelly stuff through my engine out of the pail, suspecting acids to be
present that might eat the innards of the injection pump.

The transester process would precipitate any nasties (bug poop, slime,
acids, etc) into the glycerine cake at the bottom of the reactor, leaving
the bio clean. The methoxide used in the process will KILL (dismantle) any
living organisms in the oil (and you too, if not carefull!) leaving the
result sterile.

I have archived your comments in my "fuel" folder.


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