[Vwdiesel] Oiling mod for PD engine

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Mon Dec 20 17:50:43 PST 2010

Ok, after some internet searching I found the article on the cooking oil. 1912 was when it was new. http://burgersdogspizza.com/?tag=deep-fried-hamburger

To the oiling mod on the PD engine the bearings on the cam wear on the opposite side then other engines because of the high load from the injectors being added to a cam that wasn't made any longer. The mod blocks off the OEM set of holes by flipping the lower bearings so the oil hole is blocked (the tang needs to be totally ground off) and the top cap needs to have a hold drilled to meet the oil galley for the rocker oiling. Then the cap bearing needs a cut like a "Z" almost put into it with it exiting toward the valve lifter. Almost all PD cam bearings have shown great wear at the one bearing cam and the other one looks new. There also has been talk of the warmer climate PD engines get wear faster then the northern ones. The lifters don't get much oil both on the inside and where the cam meets the lifter so they heat up more. If to hot the oil starts to boil under the lifter forcing it into the cam making it wear faster. The person who cam up with the oiling mod and sells the bolts that are reuseable has been rebuilding VW heads for longer then I have been alive. He has taken the heads back apart after many miles with little to no wear on the bearings. No proof on it helping the lifters but it can't hurt. Also with changing the cam out sooner that means I won't have to replace the oil pump from the super hardened lifter pieces that could flake off and ruin the gears in the pump. As far as the Colt cam I don't know much about it yet but have only heard good from it all. Not only does the 10 HP and 4 MPG gain better but the grind is suppose to prevent the cam wear issue and they can mess with the fueling as well. Since I don't want to do this over again I figured getting it done right the second time. With all those things I shouldn't have to worry about the cam for a VERY long time. Still need to do the oil pump chain with is due between 200K and 300K miles as after 300K miles they have a high failure rate. One of those things you don't read about much. And tranny oil (life time oil) really gets gummy at 150K so 100K change is good. There is an oiling mod for the 5 spd manuals that drills a couple holes to help with the oiling of the 5th gear. But it should only be done out of the car at clutch change time. 5th gear is in its own reservoir and the oil can't get changed unless you take the cover off which is also why low oil is a BAD deal. The oiling mod helps with that. Merry Christmas (or happy holidays if you want to get politically correct). Be safe on the drives.
Travis G 

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