[Vwdiesel] 82 Rabbit n/a into an 88 Fox?

Kurt Nolte syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 22 13:15:04 PST 2010

To do a swap like that, you will need to move the oil filter mount, 
exhaust manifold and piping, engine mounts and torque stop, flywheel and 
clutch assembly, oil pump and pickup, and oil pan over from the Fox 
engine to your diesel engine.

You will also need to fabricate an alternator mount to put the 
alternator on the passenger side of the car, rather than the high mount 
on the driver's side that is stock Fox. The radiator interferes with 
using the stock transverse mounting bracket from the donor car.

The stock Fox gearing is actually quite well suited to a diesel; it's a 
very wide-ratio transmission, with big leaps that the gasser engine 
sometimes struggles to handle. The diesel's torque would help overcome 
the "gasping for breath" performance of the stock 1.8L and the PW 

You will also need to remove the stock FI pumps from the Fox and make up 
jumper hoses to go from the tank to the hard lines.

Yeah, I've done one of these. I put a 1.5 NA in an '89 Fox, then decided 
to pull it in favor of rebuilding the wiring harness after it's fire.


On 12/22/2010 3:18 PM, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 12/22/2010 11:10:59 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> joe at haasenpfeffer.com writes:
>> I have an opportunity to purchase an 88 Fox wagon with a very good
>> body...
>> Considering transplanting the engine from my 82 Rabbit, which I've been
>> told
>> is actually out of a Dasher because of the oil pan.
>    Engine is basically the same but like Tad said, you have to be sure your
> motor
> mounts are compatable.  I THINK all the 1.6 diesels have the same mount
> points
> that you would need.  1.5 would be iffy but be sure.  A Fox 5 speed
> shouldn't be
> hard to find, gasser gearing tends to be a bit lower than diesel but not
> all were.
> Roger probably has the tranny number vs gear ratios on his site and one or
> two
> people here on the list have done the diesel to Fox swap already. :-)
>      Loren
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