[Vwdiesel] OK....Who drives around without a timing belt cover

Joe joe at haasenpfeffer.com
Thu Dec 23 09:20:30 PST 2010

Since buying my 82 Rabbit n/a summer of 2009, I've been running sans upper
cover until this past October... Decided to try to use it as a daily driver
this winter, and didn't want to risk the block heater cord (previously tied
down) to get caught in the belt so I put the cover back on.  Lucky for me
the previous owner had included the cover... Which has a mounting hole in
the "front" by the injector pump that my pump bracket itself is lacking...
Which also kinda confirms my engine is in fact out of a Dasher.


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I broke the plastic cover for the bottom, and I am rather hesitant to drive
without it unless someone else does.
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