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I've got a Fluke 77 DMM, so as long as I can get a good connection I can
read that.  Thanx!

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On 12/23/2010 12:27 PM, Joe wrote:
> Interesting point.  Couldn't I also measure resistance to ground?  What's
> the resistance of a single glow plug?  If I knew that, I could calculate
> expected resistance:
> http://www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/ohm/Q.ohm.intro.parallel.html

It is pretty low resistance, 12 volts / 10 amps = 1.2 ohms, 4 in parallel =
0.3 ohms, you 
need a good meter to read that low a resistance accurately.  Could check for
voltage drops 
along the bus bar with the plugs on.


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