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Yeah, same to you all!:

I know, that's no help, but Merry Christmas anyway...

I just thought it would be cool to share an off-beat repair that I came up
with during the last year when I was having starter problems with one of
my vehicles - the symptom was that when I turned the key nothing would
happen, unless there was someone available to knock something against the
starter-housing, preferably a 1 or 2 pound piece of steel, but a rock
would work.

  Anyway, I thought it might be due to an accumulation of crap on the
contacts involved, I wasn't able to confirm that but I did find that,
after I applied about 90 amps of ac current (from a 225ac Lincoln
arc-welder) across the solenoid contacts for maybe 45 or 50 seconds (I
think I could hear the difference when it started working like it
should), that the starter worked reliably, and has been continuing to do
so for the last 290 days or so.  Don't try this at home if you are
electrically clueless.

Guess that's all there is to say, except to say Happy Holidays.


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